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When it comes to your Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly know as Google My Business (GMB) posting the right content can make all the difference. Let’s dive into 40 brilliant ideas that go beyond the usual sales pitch, designed to not just attract but convert. We have shared more than 40 Google business profile posts ideas for your local business so that you can never short of content ideas.

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What are the ideas to Post on Your Google Business Profile?

Your Google Business Profile is more than just a space for sales pitches. It’s a trust-building, credibility-boosting platform help your business in local search results. So, what should you post?

The ideal Goal is to build trust

Before you start crafting posts, understand the goal. It’s not just about selling; it’s about building trust. Your audience wants to see behind the scenes, understand your brand, and feel the excitement about your business. Make your Google Business Profile a branding powerhouse for your local business.

What is the Valuable content for Google Business Profile Post?

Customers determine value, and testing various content strategies is the key. Remember, it’s a conversation, not a monologue. Even if you don’t see direct responses, every post is a chance for a call, a newsletter signup, or even gaining a new customer. Focus on content that converts from the get-go.

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40+ Google Business Profile Posts Ideas

Ready to stand out? Here are 40+ post ideas that go beyond the ordinary, from showcasing local projects to promoting new products. Keep your audience engaged and excited about your business on Google business profile.

1. Showcase local projects.
2. Share insights about services/products.
3. Post relevant blog content.
4. Display before-and-after project results.
5. Inform about industry regulations.
6. Share funny or exciting work stories.
7. Advertise job opportunities.
8. Highlight employees working on projects.
9. Share case studies or success stories.
10. Explain how services/products impact work.
11. Introduce local business partners.
12. Share pictures of happy employees.
13. Display real people at work through images and videos.
14. Promote local events using the event tab.
15. Add products (for specific industries).
16. Show ongoing work.
17. Share FAQs about your business.
18. Narrate brand stories and history.
19. Describe a typical day.
20. Share interviews or press releases.
21. Re-share still relevant old content.
22. Post images of happy customers.
23. Utilize select dates for greetings.
24. Share behind-the-scenes content.
25. Introduce new team members or promotions.
26. Encourage messages through the messaging feature.
27. Post testimonials, including videos or images.
28. Share Google reviews.
29. Remind customers to leave reviews.
30. Update opening hours.
31. Announce happy hours or discount times.
32. Remind customers about weather conditions.
33. Share quotes from the office/employees.
34. Promote new products or services.
35. Inform customers about potential expansion to new locations.
36. Customer Spotlights
37. DIY Tips
38. Team Challenges
39. Fun Facts
40. Local Community Involvement
41. Question of the Week
42. Industry News Updates
43. Quote of the Day
44. Challenges for Customers
45. Workplace Celebrations

Posting Tips for Google Business Profile Post

Posting is an art. Use emojis to structure your content, always include a relevant call-to-action, and avoid common pitfalls like spelling mistakes or overly aggressive tones. Keep it real, stay relevant, and test different posting times and ideas.

  • Use emojis, especially check marks, for structure.
  • Always include a relevant call-to-action.
  • Avoid spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Be polite and avoid aggression or inappropriate statements.
  • Limit the use of stock photos.
  • Use paragraphs to organize content.
  • Keep everything relevant.
  • Test quantity, ideas, and posting times.

Remember, there’s an infinite amount of content you can post on Google Business Profile. Stay authentic, focus on building trust, and continuously improve your content to make it more appealing to your audience. Contact us for SerpBlaze Local SEO services to help your local business domination in local search results.


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